Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time and tide

I am not sure about time and tide not waiting for anyone, but my bus to work definitely doesn’t.

Run Arunima run.


Anonymous said...

Run, and I will join you because even my van does not wait from me :)

Ritu said...

ha ha... cute!!

Anonymous said...

hehehehe... we used to have one "missed call SPC" (single point of contact) in the office bus who would give a missed call to almost everyone some 5 minutes earlier. That was the best social service that lady did to all of us.

~ Meenakshy

Cynic in Wonderland said...

huffing and puffing.

how u been?

Pallavi said...

Run run ... its a brand new day

AmitL said...

LOL-same here-our Co van also doesn't wait-so,I reach 5 minutes early,daily!!:)

DewdropDream said...

Nor does my regular train. It does come late occasionally though... on the days when I'm on time and very obviously without warnng. Humpfh

workhard said...

LOL, that was funny. We always running for transport in india.


GMB said...

was cool
i wanted to ask a question??
i have a blog too
but how to make people know it
dont have any idea
plz help