Friday, March 06, 2009


“One for the cluck of a happy hen.
Two for the chirp of a sad wren.
Three for the hopping of a green spotty frog.
Four for the bark of a howling dog.
Five for the quack of a duck on the lake.
Six for the hissing of a slimy snake.
Seven for the swoop of a brown ugly owl.
Eight for the sneaking of a wolf on the prowl.
Nine for the scratching of a tiny rat.
Ten for the purr of a furry cat.”
Mrs. Pallister

I had taken some interactive learning games for my niece and nephews. Ni, the 1and half yr old wanted to play only when his cousin D plays. If he was not allowed, he’d cry. Other times, he is not interested and he didn’t want to play alone on his dad’s system. I was teaching D to play the games. He was busy with the mouse. Ni started climbing on my lap, reached out his small index finger and started pressing the spacebar. Well, nothing was wrong so far and D could still play. D was engrossed and did not bother what Ni was doing. Suddenly, Ni put his foot on the keypad demanding some action and attention. D started crying and then Ni joined.

I am helping a friend in creating a similar product for these VIPs with an attention span of a lightening bolt. What characters to use? Which songs to use? How to connect the interactivities? How to keep them engaged and learn? What if they don’t do anything? How to distract? What if they still don’t do anything? How to appeal the parents?

Before their parents shoot me down, this is a pic from one of those days during my vacation.


austere said...


AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima-hahaha!!That was one funny scene..:)good luck at creating the ideal product.Definitely not an easy task by any standards..try referring to the orignal simple games,like Dave and Prince..though I wonder if they still work on Windows XP and Vista.:)

Anonymous said...

One of my childhood incidents
My grandmother in Kerala had put a BIG swing in one of the biggest trees in the garden to welcome us. My cousin reached there a week before me and didnt really "want" to enjoy the swing for that entire time. The moment i entered i saw the swing i ran towards it and when she saw me there ahe wanted it then and there. I being the elder one had to give it up :(.

long way to go girl. I am also thinking on these lines.. will surely let u know if something strikes me..


AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima-I forgot to ask-the third person saying 'I'm the eldest'-is that you?>>??*grins and grins*

Arunima said...

@Amit: that's Ankita, my niece.

Pallavi said...

Well all the best.. I saw the same pic happen in reality when I had gone to some of the schools of some projects for my hubby's ex org.
It was interesting how these kids adapt to computers and can win almost any game..

Its a new method for learning, part of the sarva sikhsha Abhigyan..

It was an interesting experience. learning school work via games..
and seeing the kids respond..

AmitL said...

Hehe!!Was just pulling ur leg-in a jokey complimentary way to say'you look pretty young'.:)

workhard said...

Hi, that was a nice poem. Hope you get the ideal gadget done soon..Try pacman, kids love those, something like that. Its a classic

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Recipe man said...

this is great
i love your writing and posts they have such a fresh point of view

go girl!