Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The new job, the house-hunt, the old friend, the husband, and the Oscar

Almost a month and nary a word said!
It is time to get eloquent though I am still not sure what it is that I want to say. The new job is good (so far). The team is amazing and some of them are quite experienced and know much more than I know. Hope to learn from them. My antennas are in the receptive mode right now, learning and trying hard to impress.

There were more than ten compliance courses. To go to the loo, there was a compliance course, to talk to your colleagues, there was another. At the cafeteria, I could not laugh at the jokes fearing if I have broken some code of conduct and failed to honor another compliance course. If I had met any of my ex-colleagues in the first week asking about my whereabouts, I am sure I would have whispered the name of the company or just walked away without replying anything BECAUSE of the compliance courses. So, you know how they must be.

In the house-hunting front, we hunted an apartment. I had even imagined the wall colors the interiors, and the curtains, but decided not to go for it and just wait and watch. What are we waiting for; I am not really sure. Perhaps, we are looking to find out which one happens earlier, the fall of the price or the fall of the salary and along with it, whether we live hand- to- mouth with or without an apartment to our name.

I have a friend who wanted to buy an apartment but ended up buying a nice car. I am thinking if I must buy a Scooty. Yes, the Scooty Pep in pink. I’ll ride by putting a board reading Scorpio or Chevrolet Spark on it and get snooty with the Scooty. (wah, it rhymes).

The boys met and bonded over beer and rum. Meg came down and bonded with S. I managed to extract a gift from him-buttered him while he was in the U.K and sent him my wish-list whenever an occasion demanded. They praised me a lot and it went something like this:

S: Yaar, she doesn’t even bother whether there is Onion or Potato at home. She just comes home singing. While me on the other hand, think about all this the moment I step out of the office. I carry the entire load walking back from the office while it is just a stone’s throw away for her. If I don’t do it, there is nothing in the house. She will enter the kitchen happily singing again, and tell me, eiyo! there is no potato. I told her the potatoes are not non-state actors who would just appear from nowhere and have to be fetched from the shop.

Meg: And you remember her dance? She sent me the link and kept on asking me for the feedback. I come home around 11 pm and had to switch on the system and go through the ordeal almost dozing. When someone puts a gun on your head, what else can you do?

I couldn’t take any more praise and finished off the chicken before they could.

Moral of the story: Praise the woman if you want to eat something while you drink.

Here are the nominees of the 81st Oscar, and I have watched the following across all categories:

Slumdog Millionaire
The Reader
The curious case of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight
Hell Boy II: The golden army
The Duchess
The Wrestler
Vicky Christina Barcelona
The revolutionary road


wishes galore said...

hey, i cant beleive i m the first one commenting after a long time u are back..:))

good that u are liking the new place n i grinned ear-to-ear on hearing the sufferings of Meg..I also made my mummy by dancing in front of then and asking for their comments n no, they dont get away by just saying "good"!! they have to see the full dance and compliment in as flowery manner as they could;))

i have added u in my blog-roll:))

austere said...

Compliance checks- so many?

Shall remember that "no potato" and smile every time I see one.

ramya said...

I wanted to see alteast Slumdog. But look my condition, boards arriving next month and me done only with 5 subjects and six more left!duh!
Best of luck for your house hunt. It seems as if all are searching for a new house. My neighbours, my sister n you, is it that difficult to get a house in b'lore?
Good to know that you got adjusted well in new place :)

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog:)
Abut Compliance, I understand since it used to be the same for me at UBS ( Inv bank). We were not even allowed to carry camera phone inside the floor.

Manasa said...

Like you, even am waiting for the fall of prices to buy the stuffs in my wishlist. I guess there will be fall in the salary pay rather than the prices :(

New job, which comp is recruiting at this time? :)

Xeb said...

(just wanted to leave you my new blog address) :)

Arunima said...

@xeb:I'll be there madam.

mathew said...

"Moral of the story: Praise the woman if you want to eat something while you drink" thats one valuable lesson I ll note down in my diary!;-D

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima-nice job,new team,..and,most interesting of all-the 'compliance course'..doesn't leave any scope for compliants,I mean,complaints.:)
ROFL-I'm just trying to imagine you running into the house,singing 'No onion,no potato...'...:)Thanks for the laugh of the day!!:)

Anonymous said...

wow! i dont know how you do it. but i seem to be the one lugging the onion potatoes even with a plaster on my foot!! ...maybe because i cant sing :(


Tys on Ice said...

it must be great to be working for the CIA...

damn, u will have to shoot me now, eh?

Pallavi said...

good lord are you working for an Inidan MNC.. sounds like it.. hahaha !!!

Sheesh.. I have been there.. its taxing but you get used to it after a while..

But heck as long as you are enjoying your job, thats all that matters.. I guess..