Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Juno, zara suno, one mised call has come race hogi kaha Jodhaa ke sath. Ab ye Jodhaa kaun? well, it is the Lives of others

The lives of others: What I hate about the movie is its ad quoting SRK’s intention to make a movie like this.
I initially did not understand the setting, but S explained to me that it is the time when East German governmant controlled its people through surveillance. (I am weak in History as I was more interested in Science. My favorite science is Moral Science. ) An officer tries to collect evidence against a playwright and his girlfriend. He would listen to everyting that was happening in their house and type them out. Sometimes they even read, “They made love” (I was ready to see how? but he did not type more than that). He started off his work diligently but ended up getting submerged and involved in the lives of the two people. The movie is about how this affects his life and actions. It is an intense drama.

One missed call: I know it is a remake of a Japanese movie and I haven’t watched the original. I was building up expectation and was actually getting scared but until the end, the movie failed to convey why? One by one people get missed calls and a voice message telling the exact time when he or she would die. They often hear themselves screaming to their death over the phone. One by one people kept on dying. Some investigation happened over a hospital accident, somebody got burned. A child was trying to kill her own sister. A ghost appears. All the victims threw up a marble (or is it a toffee?). The guy and the gal were attacked. Almost died. The credits rolled.
Did you understand anything? Not me either.

If this was a movie good enough to have inspired a remake, then I guess this has missed the whole point of the original.

Race-The Twister: In one line, everybody is everybody’s girlfriend.
I didn’t like the picturisation of the song, ‘pehli nazar me’. I liked Sameera Reddy in the song ‘Aur Ahista’ by Pankaj Udas and I honestly feel she should have done what she was doing before she joined movies.

Juno: It is about an acerbic teenager trying to come to terms with an unplanned pregnancy. She is queer and outspoken but at the same time she is cute, funny and the story is surprisingly grounded. She is like every other teenager trying to look chic, wears big glasses, puts a smoking pipe (without actually smoking) and has a hamburger shaped phone. The songs are amazing and the dialogues quite witty. I particularly like the part when she got angry and told her friend that it is Morgan Freeman on being asked over the phone who she was? She acts cool and tried to handle an abortion, but age and experience fails her and she decides to do what is best for the child. When she had a one-on-one with her parents, they stood by her though the worst they had expected was news about her being expelled from school or some drug abuse but not pregnancy at that age. The gist of the story is this, but it explores the finer nuances of human relationships for instance, her relationship with her step-mom as the pregnancy progresses, her chat with her dad and his reassurance on true love, her friendship with her best friend (the boy who got her pregnant), the anticipation of an adoptive parent etc. Jennifer Garner plays a woman eagerly wishing to adopt. She tells her husband who is in a state of utopia about his music all the time,”I’ll never becoma a mother if I wait for you to become Curt Cobain.” :-) A must watch.

Jodhaa Akbar: I have heard about Akbar and Birbal. Now, who is this Jodhaa? I think everybody was struck by this question and people protested. Some say Jodhaa is Akbar’s daughter-in-law, some say Jodhaa is his wife. I feel Jodhaa was Birbal’s other name. The movie was worth a dekko.


claytonia vices said...

Maybe our history writers are trying to hide something in all that confusion!! :D

Arunima said...

@claytonia: yes, I never thought about it. There could be a bone of contention between father and the son you mean? ha ha ha.

The movie depicted as if Akbar did not have nay other wives.

austere said...

Ok, added to mile long viewing list.

Jodhaa A for the jewelery and ganey. Juno for the story.

Pallavi said...

Race was all skin and no story.. after a while, one can figure out the plot..

I loved the jewellery in Jodha..

Did not watch the other movies..

geet said...

recommend : P.S.I love you . yep this the movie name. i loved Juno