Friday, May 11, 2007

The power

I am grateful to whoever invented the rubber tube. It saved my life in the swimming pool the other day. The swimming classes are coming to an end in a few days from now. I am one among the best 4 learners so far, according to own statistics. Ok, one of the girls has been coming for quite sometime and she admitted that it is her fourth attempt in learning how to swim. Therefore, I am one among the 3 best as I said, according to my own statistics.

I prayed that the other learners be shapeless so that I can wear the swimsuit without feeling conscious. God answered my prayers with a pinch of salt. Some of the learners are as shapeless as possible but some of them have got striking figures. Anyway, the consciousness vanished once we entered the swimming pool, the first day itself. We are a bevy of girls kicking, splashing water and tugging at each other in the name of swimming, all in the shallow end.

It has got lots to do with how you control your breathing that I thought I should attend yoga classes to learn swimming. I have managed to cross the breadth of the pool atleast. (21 mtrs). So my take away from this class is that swimming has got to do with Yoga and to believe in the power-the power of the rubber tube.


nonsense thinking said...

Great! But have u yet tried to sing a song while swimming :)

Arunima said...

no, so far it has only been on how to survive.

Stone said...

Cool, good going, I too learn swimming but wifey never allows me.....dunno why :-)

Dreamcatcher said...

All this splashing around and you're going to lose oodles of weight.

akash said...

this has got to be one of your sweetest posts. :) all the best with the rest of the classes and remember two things.

1. if your legs can touch the bottom you can kick and go up and grab air.

2. to hold your breath longer without panicking, just take a deep one and sit crosslegged in the pool. so will start to sink but don't come to exhale, only come up to inhale. do this twice / thrice everytime you swim and your ability to hold your breath will increase.

do this at the shallow end where if you stand your upper torso is above water.

Arunima said...

@dreamcatcher: Losing weight is the lat thing that I need. I am already quite slim.

@akash: umm, thanks, I shall try doing that. I still don't know how to dive. People laugh whenever I do that cos I fall right where I jump into.

@Stone: umm! Do you have combined batches with women?

Right after the womens batch we have mens and we can see all of them thronging at the gate almost ready to gate crash. But until the last female leaves the pool, they are not allowed. :-) your wifey must be having such doubts. Convince her to join too.

Funny girl said...

hmmmm the swimming instructor and pool sound really good.where do you go?