Thursday, May 31, 2007

Janie ke paas bandook hain

I was offered a free ticket to the concert but I had turned it down and now, I am kicking myself. Blogging for a free ticket did not help either.

Bingo (snacks) was running a competition for free tickets to Aerosmith. You have to sing his songs in any Indian Language. I was thinking if I should sing some “Janie ke paas bandook hain” but my free ticket provider agreed to buy me the ticket provided I pay for half of it as punishment for not making up my mind earlier. So, I am going on a half ticket.

On a sad note, another friend from the group was supposed to join us from Chennai but he has been asked to travel immediately. He is losing the concert ticket as well as his flight ticket.

As for me, I need not sing “Janie ke paas bandook hain” anymore.
Don’t be surprised to see me standing at the entrance and selling the ticket if the Chennai friend actually travels. I have sold movie tickets before.


Anonymous said...

....just make sure nobody recognise u from the hind - yr recent snap was such a let up ;)


Stone said...


Saltwater Blues said...

Janie ke pas bandook hai!! LMAO

Dude looks like a lady would have been easier no? :))

burf said...

hi arunima, how r u doing?

AmitL said...

LOL...Jaani ke paas bandook hai...nice translation..u should have taken up the challenge to sing it,somehow.:)

Anonymous said...

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