Saturday, November 04, 2006

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“Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words. “ - Calvin.

Attended a lousy interview. I was not sure whether I wanted a change. Nevertheless, out of habit I had updated my CV in one of the portals. Bang, called a consultant and there I went.

It was the final round and a grilling one at that. Two guys interviewed me. There were a lot of hypothetical situations, which seldom happen in a real work scenario.

The argument went on for long. I could sense, I was not wanted and a lot of shit happened. Was upset with myself for sitting through it like a lamb. I mean I still like the trees around my present organization; I like the color of my cubicle and I can still stand my colleagues. I don’t need a change and I could have given back crap for crap to them. I managed to say finally that I have never come across such situations perhaps because we are very well organized.

$%^&! (Inserted word to make the disappointment easier to take).

I have been mourning something too. It was on the Eid festival. Last year, our neighbor gave us Biryani after we started cooking dinner and we had to throw just after tasting. Being wiser this year, we planned to cook late. The aroma had started coming from the afternoon itself and we waited in eager anticipation.

And how biryani smells!!!

3,4, 5 and finally it was 9 pm with no sign of any Biryani. I thought the principle of Id was to share with the hungry (us). I cooked chicken biryani that Saturday and finally overcame the sadness.

Watched some very good movies. One of them was What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Johnny Depp plays the big brother of Leonardo DiCaprio, a mentally challenged boy. I watched this movie for Johnny Depp but actually liked Caprio’s acting a lot. I have watched 4 or 5 of his movies so far and have liked all of them.

To end this post, the son of the CM of Karnataka was infact at home and it was not even his friend who broke the window panes. It was a lady who was in the guise of a man. (was expecting this too). Our boy comes from a humble farmers’ family. He drives a Lancer, Porsche and what not? So many farmers have been committing suicide. Now, the million-dollar question is:

"What is Gowda's family farming?"


shobz said...

you are a brave girl who gives herself a lot of options. :) i'm sure your biryani would have turned out yummy!

Saltwater Blues said...

lol ... never wait for the biryani! same thing happened to us so many times - bludy whimsical, these mozzies!

Arunima said...

@shobz:It was finger-licking nice but I was so interested in the aroma that I asked room mate to stand outside and see if she could get the smell(hoping it was the same as my neighbours. :-)

n.g. said...

gilbert grape is one of my favourite depp films, blow, sleepy hollow and fear and loathing in las vegas being the others. i saw another leo film this sunday - scorsese's latest, the departed. awesome. leo isnt bad in it.

pravin said...

Whats eating gilbert grape:

poor moma :( she was really something huh?

and leonardo was young! waay too young! that makes capt. sparrow older :(

austere said...

I think your "giving back good" comment was too nice this once.

GuNs said...

Are you yet another Calvin fan?
If you are....WOOOHOOO welcome to the party ! I've read all the strips ever printed in an ebook format and then a friend (a fellow blogger) gifted me a real book "The Indispensable Calvin And Hobbes" and I've almost finished reading that book too. I dont mind reading and re-reading the strips they are ALL unbeatable. I have a few posts related to Calvin & Hobbes myself.