Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Corporate, the let down.

Watched Corporate and it was let down for the simple reason that I did not get what I was expecting. I had expected Bipasha Basu to do some boardroom stunts like Helen Hunt in What Women Want (even though they are two entirely different movies), calling the shots and fighting her way out. The way Helen Hunt presented herself in the boardroom is often cited at Corporate trainings for impactful openings and closings.

What I got is a lady whose every move is driven by her devotion for a man whom she has been dating and mating. Jelled hair, neat suits and a deadpan expression is all I get from her. She wears pants and smiles at Kay Kay that's all. The only thing I liked from her was this dialogue: “Dimaag uppar hota hain niche nahin.”

I liked Kay Kay and Lilette Dubey in the movie. The story revolves around two corporate giants in a tug of war and their unflinching determination to outdo each other leaving no room for moral codes or ethics. In all these, she becomes the pawn, which according to me has got nothing to do with her gender.

Madhur Bhandarkar tries to take the road not taken once more with this movie but too much of grey shades make it unpalatable. In the past, I have worked for an organization that dealt with a lot of Government Projects and there were talks (I said talks) of instances where certain people had to be bribed for certain projects or while bidding. Even then, I feel Bhandarkar has been too harsh.

Like Page 3, there are some nice dialogues between drivers. (Or were they admin staff?)


Anonymous said...

I think this one was a little boring too except the 'Dimag' portion. Not that I can write anything better ! Well I dropped by to say that I enjoyed seeing Harry & Sally movie. I never watch a movie unless I hear people talking about it. The most funny one till date, that I have found is - "Divorcee chalega .... Widower daurega...


claytonia vices said...

Hmmm... and what a let down this ban on blogs is!!! @#$%^&*!!!

amitken said...

Corporate is a let down. period.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Every one has said Corporate is let down, I still want ot watch for the simple reason its made by madhur. I enjoyed your review. Keep writitng


Arunima said...

Thanks Archi!!

Nice to ahve you here. By the way, you had commented 5 times. :-)

Appreciate the effort though.

d4u said...

Ya an absolute letdown!! They were the admin stuff and that part was a lil enjoyable..else i found Page 3 much better.

Aqua said...

bang on review...i got tired of her gelled hair look in the film after a while

Pallavi said...

I have yet to watch this movie.. Watched Pirates of the Carribean.. it was nice..