Tuesday, July 11, 2006

6 weird habits

Shub tagged me .

The Rules:-- Post six weird facts/habits about yourself.- At the bottom, name the six people you will tag next.- Leave them a comment to let them know they've been tagged and to read your blog.

Here they go:
1. I often sit looking at the lines of my hands. I know how the lines have changed over the years. I have got two new moles, one on the middle finger and another on the palm of my right hand very recently.

2. I always comment on the salt when someone else cooks. Roomie got pissed off and decided to get married leaving me.

3. I save the best for last while eating. The last morsel is what I want best. Esp. with egg curry.

4. I fell in and out of love with the same guy for many years. It was a killing habit. Working hard on this.
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”~Buckminster Fuller.
In short, get a new guy.

5. It started one day when I was watching T.V with dad. He concentrated on the T.V, I concentrated on one irritating beard on his chin and plucked it with my fingers. Then, it got transferred to boyfriend.
Picture this, boyfriend trying to be romantic, trying to catch my eyes and cuddly. Me, sitting upright and concentrating on one strand of beard, which is standing away and out of the rest. Plucked. Dumped. (Need to change my status in Orkut as Single again. ) I want clean shaven guys.

6. While cleaning the house, if I come across some articles, I start reading them up. Once it took me 5 hrs to clean my room.

And, Pallavi as I don't see you here nowadays.
Handa, as you have started blogging in Hindi. Before you start in Persian, Spanish...
Xeb, I am simply interested.
Burfi, as you often tag me.
Chandni, looks like you have done it. If so, kindly ignore.
You, if you are interested.


burf said...

but you still havent taken my T-tag

when r u going to do my t-tag?????

shub said...

lol @ the hair plucking thing! :D
yeah I too get engrossed in newspapers when I'm cleaning! :)

Nice one there!

Strictly for my friends said...

Pulling the beard out bit was really funny!!


Anonymous said...

This was well written. Because, I am still looking for the last morsel of the egg curry in my fingers with my tongue hanging out !

Putar ! Aaj bhi sandwich khana padega !

Gabar Singh

Kishore said...

I too start reading stuff I come across while cleaning..

Oh, I clean the house myself.. I really do, trust me!!

Stone said...

I can relate with 6) and with 2) too except roomie part!

Pallavi said...

INteresting !! I am trying to get back... :) hugssss will answer to your tag sweetie..

AmitL said...

Heh heh...that's one of the most unusual tags and answers I've seen.:)Now,I wonder about the salt thingie...why'd u comment everytime when someone else cooks?And,what happens in a restaurant?Reveal the secrets,pls.:)And,a big haha at the 'beard tugging' habit.

manuscrypts said...

matching matching at #3 :)

sherriff said...

"faliing in and out of luv with the same person many times"....hmm not that weird...it happens with with so many of us

Arunima said...

@sheriff: So, many of us have weird habits. :-)

Arunima said...

In a restaurant, I avoid that and take the salt myself but in other places, it just comes out automatically. It is salty or it is less or whatever.

Roomie once said, "don't ever tell it to your mom-in-law" and I realised she has been pissed for quite sometime.

Arunima said...

@burf:if it was for writing, I could have but it involves pictures and I need to browse a lot for that and as you know, I am too lazy in that department.

I express myself better with words.

Goan Pao said...

I guess you like equality and one person standing out of the crowd is not ure kinda scene...
The good thing is that u hv a thing for beard... what if it was eyebrows?

claytonia vices said...

the coming across articles thing is fun!

At our place we sit on the floor and eat lunch after spreading old newspapers on the floor, which is when I start reading all the articles. My room mates get irritated!

that girl in pink said...

ha ha! those were weird but somehow highly identifiable habits.
weirdness # 1 - a mole on a hand means something right? will have to google it but i think it has something to do with wealth coming your way. :)
weirdness # 3 - i do the same thing!
weirdness # 4 - hmmm...
weirdness # 5 - rather weird!
weirdness # 6 - i know!have ended up doing that a lot myself!

Anonymous said...

Don't find anything weird with falling in and out of love for the same person. I think everybody does it sometime or the other, if not always.