Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This day

Last year, this day, I just wrote one line, "Too smart to fall in love"
I am still going through my share of make-ups and break-ups but I have learnt one thing through all this and that is, never to stop myself from the pleasure of loving someone.
Days like today, reinforces that thought and I have realised I wouldn't actually mind being the greatest fool for love.

Somebody did ask me, "Don't you like to belong to someone?"
I know I do.

In this spirit, here is a very girlie song from Sixpence None the Richer which I like for the rhythm and the energy.

“Kiss me out of the bearded barley.
Nightly, beside the green, green grass.
Swing, swing, swing the spinning step.
You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress.

oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight.
Lead me out on the moonlit floor.
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fire flies dance, silver moon's sparkling.
So kiss me.

Kiss me down by the broken tree house.
Swing me upon its hanging tire.
Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat.
We'll take the trail marked on your father's map.”

J is off to Mauritius to moon some honey and I am planning on rock-climbing.


claytonia vices said...

Have fun with the rock climbing...
I am sure the rocks wouldn't mind! ;-)

Saltwater Blues said...

to moon some honey?? lol

yes, please don't stop yourself from falling in love.


Kishore said...

(from my blog post) "...love takes you by the tip of your hair and shakes the hell out of you".. doesnt it... :)
Happy Valentine's Day! :)

d4u said...

Good goin girl:)
Happy Valentines Day!:)

Parna said...

way to go girl. i think most of us would want to 'belong' to someone -truly deeply, madly, however cliched might that sound. but most of us also have our baggages and hence are afraid to burn our fingers...yet again. but hope is what keeps it alive - the thought someday we might meet our perfect him/her. i think this is true of a cynic too :)

and LOVE this song.it is so simple...

Dewdrop said...

Lovely song, wishes for V-day

sathya said...

hi arunim,

gosh! rock climbing..... how i envy u :-(

sessionals going on :-(

life would be so much fun if only there were no sessionals ...


Amit Goel said...

happy valentine's day :)

infinity said...

rock climbing...cool!...best of luck at the fooling around in love thing...and it is a gr8 feeling to be in love, to quote baz luhrmann's 'moulin rouge'..."the gr8est thing u'll ever learn is just to luv and be luved in return"...happy valentine's day...

deepakjeswal said...

Hi Arunima, read ur views on Rang De Basmati oops Basanti and y u dont want to see it :-) Saw the film, wud like if u can check the review (i didnt like it that much too)

Ajit Chouhan said...

Good one

Shivangi said...

I love that song! And the one in Coyote Ugly...

Ashish said...

u have been tagged.

Stone said...

Fall in love ...not while rockclimbing!

(btw, I know brothers names Honey and Moon....(n now i'm curious to see their parents) )

paddy said...

just amazing how one day makes so many people think about love and loved ones.
well hope the stupid cupid aims at you .

Prerona said...


Mentor said...

I read somewhere "Love is two hearts with one song".

Have a nice time !! Have a nice rock climbing experience.

Prat said...

Hi Arunima,
Oh yes love and all that goes with it.
Honestly, I prefer rock climbing though :D

Prahlad said...


Are you this person who have signed my guest book at.

Khushee said...

Hope you have a lovely Valentines Day. How was rock climbing? I've never attempted that :)

unforgiven said...

To be loved?
Do you know what it truly means?

You know, people talk about topics life, "What makes life worth living" and "What is the most valuable thing in life" and try to answer that with the word "love".

They use the word too cheaply.

Love is not something that you truly have known unless you have had the ability to give it. To feel loved also involves "loving".

What is it to love?

Can this question be answered? Is is subjective or is there an answer to it that applies to everyone?

Think about this.

. To love is to be able to feel the need for that person beyond that of air in your lungs.
. To love is to be able to make sacrifices to the extent of (not just your own life) every pleasure that you have in your life.
. To love is to feel that the person that you love is to not feel that the person is an extention of you but rather, you are an extention of her.
. To love is to not have to think about her every second of your life but rather, when you DO think of her, to think of her as someone that is so natural to your existence that life without them would be unthinkable.
. To love, is not to take pains to make them feel special but rather, to have them just "know" that their meaning to your life, transcends any person who may be "special" in your life.
. To love, is not to ever have to think about them at all bur rather, to have every thought in your mind acknowledge them as as you would your own existence.

Can you truly say that about anyone? Have you been able to say that about anyone? If not, you cannot have missed being in love. You never were.

To love, is not to die for that person. It is to live so that you can make her life better every day in any way you can.

Arunima said...

@unforgiven: A very detailed and an insightful one.Thanks!!! Don't yout hink we would have all achieved NIRVANA were we able to love the way you described?

Arunima said...

@prahlad: No, it is not me though the yahoo id left there is mine. I never knew I had a secretary

akash said...

and here is a song by The Cardigans which I think reflects the mood of the author.

Love me love me
say that you love me
fool me fool me
go on and fool me
love me love me
pretend that you love me
leave me leave me
just say that you need me

So I cried, and I begged for you to
Love me love me
say that you love me
leave me leave me
just say that you need me
I can't care about anything but you

zypsy said...

"Don't you like to belong to someone?"

A simple question but in my case i think she has possessed me :-)

unforgiven said...

Sure, I am not sure if I have experienced it completely either.