Friday, December 09, 2005

For lack of any idea

Saw it in her blog.

Smoke a cigarette: I was caught smoking biddi with my cousin when we were in the 2nd or 3rd standard. Not a good first question. Got royal thrashing from Mom and aunt. Smoked once more last year.
Been In Love: why not?
Been Dumped: I call it the divine intervention. When the fire dies in a relationship, what’s the point in checking who the dumper or the dumpy is? It is not the man in my life but the life in my man that matters.
Shoplifted: No
Been fired: yeah! My sister gifted me a green beauty spot on my cheek. My face went on the way as she was trying to throw away a burnt match stick one midnight
Been in a fist fight: Fist, legs, nails mostly with that cousin again. Mom and Aunt came back from work to find us often with boils on the head, teeth marks and scratches. Later we became friends and made bows and arrows to fight neighbors. (Ramayana was a mega hit those days)
Snuck out of your parents house: Yup.
Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back: Never clarified with him.
Been arrested: By my brother as I was trying to climb a chair to open the main door and sneak out for morning walks at 4.30 in the morning.
Gone on a blind date: Many dates with my eyes wide open.
Lied to a friend: Never (tra la la wicked grin)
Skipped school: Didn’t have to as I was mentally absent when it got boring.
Seen someone die: My dog, Snoopy. I lost more than 5 kgs when it happened
Had a crush on one of your internet friends:It is better if it is the other way round.
Been to Canada: Google Earth (I had a free consultation from a doctor there)
Been to Mexico: Next Question
Been on a plane: Don’t you think the questions are getting assholic? I also rode a horse. I mean sat on one. I have loaded real guns. I have seen a real hand grenade. Ok, that’s exaggeration.
Purposely set a part of yourself on fire: My ass for eating too much chilly. Ok, it was not really on purpose though I love hot dishes.
Eaten sushi: Nope.
Met someone in person from the internet: yes, many.
Taken painkillers: yes
Loved and missed someone: yes
Flown a kite: Yes
Built a sand castle: It was black soil.
Gone puddle jumping: yes, yes, yes
Cheated while playing a game: then what?
Been lonely: yes
Fallen asleep at work or school: yes, oh yes. All these 'yes' is starting to sound like a porn flick.
Used a fake id: Yes, I use J’s id card for some beauty products.
Watched a sun set: yes
Felt an earthquake: Yes
Touched a snake: I hate slimy creatures.
Slept beneath the stars: Beneath the stars, under the roof.
Been robbed: Yes, why do you keep reminding?
Been misunderstood: I guess so.
Petted a reindeer/goat: No
Won a contest: Wanted to be Miss India but realised my age has reached the expiry date even before filling up the forms. I will be trying for Mother India.
Run a red light/stop sign: Twice and fined. Not me, the driver.
Been suspended from school: Na re na na
Been in a car accident: My goodness gracious me!! What are you asking?
Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night: No, but once I made someone buy me 4 cones for pissing me off and had it all alone.
Had Deja vu: yes
Danced in the moonlight: Yes
Witnessed a crime: Yes, I saw a thief right in front of me and I couldn’t scream.
Been obsessed with post-it notes: Not really.
Been lost: Yes, in Delhi when I was a little over 2. I would’ve been begging somewhere, one kid in my arms another at my back and pregnant with the third if my parents didn’t find me that day. (I held the palloo of another lady thinking she is my mom and followed her.)
Been on the opposite side of the country: Yes, I am from the opposite side. (kind of)
Swam in the ocean: Floated due to the waves but held on to my dad yay!!
Cried yourself to sleep: sometimes.
Played cops and robbers: Yes, childhood has given me some lovely stitches.
Paid a meal only with coins: No
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't: many times.
Made prank phone calls: I personally didn’t but I would like to share an incident. That guy is married and settled in Bangalore now and much senior to us. He was going around with one of my schoolmates. All of us met after our boards and then some friends called him up. The moment he picked up the phone we played the dialogue from the movie, Criminal “Darling, every breathe you take… What could I do without you? I will always love you forever and ever.” We kept the phone and laughed like nuts. Unfortunately, this school friend has passed away in an accident.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue: Where is the snow?
Written a letter to Santa Claus: No
Been kissed under the mistletoe by your boyfriend: Boyfriend? Where? Wears her boy-chaser T shirt and runs.
Watched the sun rise with someone you care about: where is the east?
Blown bubbles: Yes
Bonfire on the beach: Bonfire but not on the beach.
Cheated on a test: Yes. United we stand, divided we fail. If I touch my nose, it is True and if I touch my ears, it is False.
Been kissed by someone you didn't like: Dare!! (but then I might have been :-) I was a cute child. Mom said so )
Skinny-dipping in a pool: Dipping in a pool yes, skinny-dipping no.


d4u said... u r all that, eh??:p ;)

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Sujit said...

interesting.. but most of the stuff too much to know :((.. peanut cells..

anthony said...

hmmm quite long eh..

It is not the man in my life but the life in my man that matters.
--that was cool.. man is dog as life is to fight eh... lol

Stone said...


bharti said...

my dog's name ws also snoopy n i miss him soo much...he was with me for 12 years...somehow i find it gud dat i did not see him dying...cudnt ve handled it for sure...i saw him dead though..:(

shobz said...

very nice read. :)

Ardra said...

enjoyed getting to know you a lil more :-)

Ashish said...

nice posts...was just goofing around and I found that pic of the cobbler's daughter...she is cute...often we are too busy to observe the beauty in simplicity...and the time u ur face !!!

Dreamcatcher said...

we used to do the same thing in exams for true n false qsns.

sathya said...

hi arunim,

hey the ear / nose funda seems kewl....


s! said...

hehe, well.. thanks for sharing so much! :-)

NB: still want some snow? we have enough here to last you a few lifetimes!

Ashish Gupta said...

wow! wat a spoilt brat u are :D :D
its lovely to be child all over again. liked to know i am not the only child around :)

wishing life brings more n more of it ur way.

Parna said...

am going to do this :) liked it

pradster13 said...

know what four letter could have saved you all that trouble...just say 'been there, done that'lol....cheers

Okram said...

Read a blog ever: Yes.One, Only
Will read a blog again:Yes.This one
Like any blog:Yes.One, only one

AmitL said...

Whew...that's quite a revelation of a post.Especially the 'got lost at 2',nearly part...made me guffaw at the thought of u "begging somewhere, one kid in my arms another at my back and pregnant with the third if my parents didn’t find me that day."Unquote...And,adding to that,and sitting at a cyber cafe and still blogging away like this in the evenings.heh heh...

Heretic said...

Gee, got a while new perspective on you. You're awesomely funny. :-)