Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A moment

Sometimes, you meet a person no matter in what circumstance you are, and you feel you have some moments with that person, even if they are unsaid or unspoken, and you wonder if you should hang on to those moments. This is what the the lady said to Colin Farrell in the movie, Dead Man Down. 

Earlier, I did not like Colin Farrell that much, but he seems good, and his face is quite interesting.  He plays a Hungarian guy in this movie, whose family had been wiped out by the real estate mafia, when they refused to vacate the premises. He infiltrated them to take revenge. Meanwhile, a lady in the neighborhood befriends him, and soon he finds out that she has a mission of her own.Very good acting by the leading lady, Noomi Rapace (Girl with dragon tattoo fame)  too.

After the baby, it had become very difficult to watch movies. 2013 was an embarrassment in terms of books too. I am slowly trying to get back to the things that I love other than my son. I watch anything that is available while the kid is sleeping, and I was so glad this movie did not disappoint me.


Stone said...

..will try to watch it soon.
Keep recommending whatever little you manage to see.

And, belated happy birthday!!

Arunima said...

Sure Stone, Glad you remembered.:-)