Thursday, April 19, 2012

Full term.
Well, almost and waddling
i must eat and he must not
The nasty process of cleaning up the insides
for science to play with the body
colonoscopy, endoscopy, and biopsy
sleepless night, long night
worried sick
five-star looking hospital that doesn't drive the fear away,
that doesn't make your loved one look any less vulnerable.
as if He shares a one-on-one relation with me among the billions and trillions
i pray
no, not ready for cancer
please say it is not.


austere said...


kirti said...

Everything will be alright.
Praying really hard .
take care.

Meenakshy said...

Just take care and hang on. Everything is bound to be alright

hnarsana said...

Praying.. do keep us updated! :(

austere said...


Hindustani Thangjam said...

Take care, sending prayers your way...

Arunima said...

awaiting reports.

AmitL said...

Praying that things will be a-ok.Good luck.:)

Shobana Jayaraman Srikumar said...

My prayers with you! Hugs. Remember every hand that touches you has your best interest at heart. And so is sending you a lot of healing with every touch. May you walk towards healing! Godbless!