Wednesday, January 25, 2012

flying again

This New Year has been the most eventful one for me. i am flying again to the U.S. If i do not travel now, i might just be the next lady to appear in the papers for delivering on the flight while crossing some ocean or something. i want to be famous, but not for this. i have been setting up the house thinking S would be coming back, but we decided suddenly that it would be better if i do not work for sometime and be with him. My management has been very supportive at work that i feel terrible having to go.

Anyway, i had to get my broadband cancelled. BSNL exchange near my house just vanished. Me and my big brother went to 4 offices of BSNL to finally get my broadband and landline cancelled. My to-do list has never ended after that. i feel that even when i put one foot on the flight, i would still have something to finish before i leave. i put up ads and got a tenant for my flat, but 3 days after moving, they wanted to move out as the guy's office is shifting to another end of Bangalore. i don't know why it was happening to me. Living on my own during pregnancy was not enough, i had to pack, move house, find another tenant all over again. Now, the agreement process for rental has also changed and you need to get the docs Franked in the sub-registrar's office. Frankly, i didn't know what was Franking until now. i have got another couple now, and still have to do the rental agreement with them. Then my doc said, i need to get the fit-to-fly certificate only 48 hours before the flight. i fly on the 1st of feb, so i have to run to Columbia Asia, Hebbal all the way from the city center. Tried sending my two-wheeler home, and there too, i had to prove my foolishness by giving all the keys, and original docs to the guy. Colleagues chided me, i lost sleep and ran behind that guy to give me back the original docs again. Typing the events out is much easier than what i actually went through. i am yet to get the NOC from the RTO, and wrap up many more things before i leave Bangalore. i am in my 6th month of pregnancy now. The baby has been kicking too. i guess i am supposed to be feeling calm, listening to good music, eating good food, and relaxing. Other than the eating part, have done none of the above. i have only been praying that i reach the husband safe and sound. Don't want to end on a negative note. So, for some cheer, i have an amazing boss and very good colleagues. Imagine my plight if it was an evil boss behind my neck to finish a lot of work in the office too. My responsibilities have been eased. i get work-from-home option for many days a week, and colleagues support me in many of the things that i listed, with their know-hows and contacts. Sulekha and Commonfloor have been amazing sites to rent out my place. i couldn't sleep the night  my newly found tenant told me that they are moving out. They were themselves very upset as it was announced suddenly. And at 2 am, i still couldn't sleep and sang out loud, "Zindagi ka safar hai ye kaisa safar"  It was apt for my situation. 


Stone said...

Ouch, that's lil too much work.
Hope everything settles down before you fly out.

So where are you heading to? East or West coast?

austere said...

If i wore a hat, I'd doff it.
PHEW! What a lot to do.

Think happy happy thoughts now.

Arunima said...

@Stone: I am going to be in south central part of the U.S and lead a pretty laid-back life for the next 6 months at least.

Trying to keep my calm. I have forgotten to comb my hair, buddy.

kirti said...

Phew!!what a list.
Take some rest once you reach husband, get pampered.
With this experience on hand, raising a baby would be a cake walk.
Wishing you all the best .
I am soooo glad you are happy and keeping fine.