Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The maintenance staff

The maintenance staff of my apartment complex is amazing. We pay a certain amount every month. They however charge for things that get replaced, and a service charge over that, which goes to the plumber or the electrician. So, it often happens that whenever you complain about anything, the automatic reply is that it needs to be replaced. I am seeing this pattern over all complaints that i made. The sink got clogged. S and i used to remove the pipe from below and clean it up. This time, since he was not around, i sought help, and the suggestion was that i need to change the pipe. One pipe on the geyser was leaking. i checked the pipe and saw it was in the joint and nowhere in the pipe, that had to be replaced. On top of that, he left two more holes in the false ceiling. Looks like my geyser is looking down on me through the holes or wearing spectacles. The water was leaking in the toilet. Again his suggestion was that the pipe has to be replaced. This time, i did not buy it and told him to tighten the valve in the edge and lo! it is working fine. We have an owners' forum where we mail our experiences and it seems to be the same everywhere. Sometimes, we even joke over this. So, ideally i am paying maintenance only for the beautiful complex, and everyting inside my house goes from my pocket. Staying in a huge complex has its sour points i say. Should my new year resolution be to learn plumbing?!


austere said...

Everywhere the same, if that's any consolation.

Arunima said...

austere: very much. :-)

AmitL said...

Believe me, it's the same everywhere, Arunima...our building has 40 flats, so you can imagine what happens..finally, the committee members give up on individual homes, and just look at common services.:)