Thursday, February 17, 2011


S: Hey, did you get the e-card that i sent you?
Me: No, which email id?
S: Office. Check your Spam folder.
Me: We have no Spam folder.
S: Shit!
Me: Did you get the card that i sent you?
S: No, which e-mail id?
Me: Actually, i didn't. Since, i did not get what you sent, it's the same. How does it matter? :-)
S: :-) Saali!
Me and S: challo, goodnight/have a great day!

We are trying to romance each other online. And i wonder what was it that we talked about from Friday evening to Saturday morning before we got married.


Anonymous said...

Love is like when we learn to walk or talk as babies and then we just do it everyday without thinking about it, yet it is an important part of our life.


ganapati said...

very nice.. i loved this post

Meenakshy said...

Here it goes for us:
S: Did u give your scooty for servicing?
Me: You dress up Ganesh and leave. Atleast you guys bond that way.
S: Saali

S said...

Hahaha :)
and Saali ?? :P
that sounded weird..
but cute :)

AmitL said...

ROFL...great rapport you two have, Arunima..keep it up..:)

P said...

:D :D I know the feeling, but at least he tried to sent you an e-card..

Ritu said...

ROTFL... Awesome... Its the "thought" that counts, doesn't it!!!