Monday, January 10, 2011

2 months tomorrow

It will be two months tomorrow that i met with the accident. i have started working though i work from home often. i don't know if i took any new year resolutions. It's funny how one's focus and perspective in life changes completely. This new year, i gifted myself legs, which are of two different shapes, sizes and colors. When the cast came off, i wanted to disown the leg that was underneath it, but it was mine and i had to get it home. :-)

If there is anything remotely close to being called a resolution, it is to get my legs to be of the same color, shape and size. Yes, the ankle is swelled up and bluish in color still. The back pains when i strain or stress myself, and i limp slightly when i walk. Every bloody activity takes longer; infact, much longer than it used to take and sometimes frustrates me.

Parting from S was tough this time as he will be away for a long time and also because of my health. i know i am being selfish, but i think i married for this give and take. Next post will be about how i blasted Femina. yeah, i am one scorned woman.


Shrutzz said...

"HOPE" lady, it will all be fine. Only the person going throu this understands. I wouldnt be writing this, if I didnt go through a almost similar phase, for a different reason and still can't believe am out of it with some FEAR and some more Hopes....Wishing you a very healthy 2011 and take up a new hobby lady..

kirti said...

You are one brave person Arunima.
Just when I was wondering how are you doing, this post quenches a lot of my curiosity. Get well sooner than soon.

Shrutzz said...

hey, Belated Happy birthday!!!
Oh yeah, he is a wonderful person!!! am crazy -Dazy in love with him from last 10 yrs!!

Anonymous said...

Arunima,everything will be fine,will take time, i know it is not easy, but things will be fine soon. This too shall pass:) take care girl.


Deepti said...

hey...i often visit ur blog...sad to know you met with an accident....get well soon...wishing you a quick recovery...:)

d4u said...

Get well soon.....And wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

AmitL said...

Arunima-remember-think 'perfect health', not the problems..consider that you're aok, walking around as normal as ever..believe me, it works..and, the reverse too-the more you think @ why cure is still far away, that's where it remains.

AmitL said...

To give you some pointers from TS website/book, related to health:

--As you appreciate, as you love, as you are happy, as you are grateful, you are summoning wellbeing and it is pouring through your body and disease is vanishing in the moment.

--Laugh! Hire funny movies or recall any memories that make you laugh. Laugh your way back to health.

--Make lists every day of all the things you are grateful for, including being grateful for your healing and complete wellbeing.

--You must do whatever you can to remove your attention from disease.

--Distract yourself from thoughts of disease, and put all of your focus and attention on doing things that make you feel good.

--Make your happiness the number one thing in your life.

--Resist nothing, love everything!

scorpioblog said...


Delta1 here. sent you a mail sometime ago as soon as i read about your mishap. Guess it was lost in all those kidney transplant mails :P. Happy to read you have made a substantial recovery and pray that you get back both your legs of the same shape, size and colour :)

Stay happy :)

warm regards,

Pallavi said...

Poor Girl. We had a bad accident too during Diwali.. My car is in the service center for the last three months.. We were on our way to a long road trip...

I hope you are doing better.. last year has been tough.. I was doing a tag which covered all the posts that I wrote in 2010.. It was pretty heavy...

Anyway.. take care... and god bless.

PS : Love the template