Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lullaby-Tha tha thabungton

The following is a song in Manipuri that I like. It is a song sung as a lullaby in a movie,”Matamgi Manipur” by singer, A Kamala Devi. Written by, KH. Phulendra, the lines are profound and very sweet. I have tried to translate it, so that you can get the essence of it. It is much better in the original as the words rhyme unlike my poor attempt at translation, and blends well with the soothing music.

Moon, Moon, the gentle moon;

Shines quietly over the clouds,

The stars are aligned and looks on dreamily,

The silver clouds float sleepily,
The swaying winds have rested the trees.

In the night’s cradle, the living have rested.

Pull a clouds’ horse and a wagon of stars,

Listen to mother’s lullaby and sleep o little one.

Beyond the velvet clouds,

Embark on your dream world. "


abhilasha said...

beautiful it is..language is never the barrier... essence stays intact..

AmitL said...

Wow..tks for sharing this one,Arunima...very calming..specially'beyond the velvet clouds...'part.

austere said...

Very beautiful.
Shall think of this whenever I see a full moon, and there was a lovely moon last night.

kirti said...

lullaby lyrics are always very sweet and innocent just like this one which you shared.I loved it , wish my mom could sing it.
even in marathi , we have a lullaby which goes like -
"sleep O little one,the cows are sleeping in shed, trees and creepers have slept ,moon has slept too.
its all quiet everywhere, why cant you sleep?
Oh ! the godess of fate and of little babies , please protect my baby from all the evils".
My mom sings it for all her grandkids in her sweet voice(she is a singer) and your this lullaby made me so nostalgic .
Never thought I would be so emotional about it.

Shrutzz said...

wow, you managed it well..its beautiful...

Kay said...

very beautiful....

Shankar & Parvathy said...

Hi, This lovely post prodded me to write one on my own, on this topic:

Pallavi said...

i love lullabys. Your post reminded me of an Assamese lullaby which my Dad used to sing.. :)