Thursday, March 25, 2010

pimping the blog

No updates doesn't mean I don't care about this blog. I have been pimping it. Have shared the URL with 2 of my colleagues, who have become friends. See, I rate them colleagues too. 9-6 buddies, colleagues whom I still don’t mind catching up on some social networking site (after spending like 9 hours with them in the office), and colleagues whom I SMS etc. Colleagues whom I call up after work, or on weekends are the really close ones. I am burning calories exercising my thumb to be in touch with them you see. I hate SMSing though. So, when someone reaches the right friendly-colleago-meter , and gets close, I start gently, “Do you read blogs? Do you blog?” Whether it is a yes or no, I give my URL and there, the pimping starts. Then, I’ll follow up with them patiently, until they are forced to read. Hoo haa haa (evil grin). I say, there is an exhibitionist in every blogger.

Talking about SMSing, I must take this post as a way to thank a certain ex. I am sure I never did thank him when we were supposedly involved, ego and all that. (I got a single digit hike that I feel like being so nice in my blog) Ex, thanks for the calls that you made to me, when all I did was give a missed call. If I regret anything, it is the fact that I did not ask for my commission from your service provider, for giving them business just by a missed call.

So, guys don’t just think of dumping that girl friend of yours who gives you missed calls and doesn’t really call. They turn out to be good wives you see. Ask S, my lawfully wedded husband, at how happy he is.

While pimping the blog, I came across this post of mine. I am glad I could feel in those days, and that I was proudly foolish.

After reading it, I made a sad attempt to write the following:

And we follow each other with our eyes, not saying a word.
And we sit across talking different things, yet making love with our eyes
And we sit and wonder if the universe will align for us at least once
And everything vanishes like shrieks and whispers all at once
And loneliness blinds us in between the wrong and the right
And I sleep with eyes wide open, with trepidation
to think,
to rationalise,
to let go of you.
"And when we meet
Which I'm sure we will
All that was there
Will be there still
I'll let it pass
And hold my tongue
And you will think
That I've moved on....
I will go down with this ship
And I won't put my hands up and surrender" ~ Dido.


Shrutzz said...

> The word "colleagues" pinches my heart, since I miss working currently..
> Lovely poetry and what an unconventional way tO mOCK your eX;)

austere said...

Argh. Wouldn't ever never want to share the url.

I guess one lives and learns. Sometimes.

And sometimes one is an old fool. :)

abhirulz said...

ya they do make good wives... me being one of the examples.. earlier it even used to be a criteria to indirectly ask "can u afford" but now after these night tarrifs and 50 paisa thg .. its in everybodys reach.. so a criteria is dissolved now... but now "who cares" .. already hooked and booked...

Arunima said...

@Austy: Sometimes, I regret too after giving thinking if it is right to let someone know so much about me.

Agreed. one lives and learns.

Arunima said...

@Abhi: Pls leave your blog link behind if you are still blogging.

ricercar said...

very pretty :-)

abhirulz said...

i ll for sure once i start blogging ..

AmitL said...

ROFL-Arunima, I had a good laugh,trying to corelate pimping with promoting one's blog...but,can't-haha-one relates to sleazy,the other related to promoting good writing and asking people to read there!!:)
One good idea I did get is,to ask people if they blog-though,I know,the answer I'll get in Gujarat is mostly-what benefit is there?And,creativity outlet is not a benefit..:)
Another ROFL at'ask S, my lawfully wedded husband, at how happy he is'-we will,we will-let him do a guest Q-A post if you dare!:)

kirti said...

So, your long absence is justified,you were busy promoting your blog.
You missed an opportunity of making some commission by missed call bussiness.

Meena Maami? Meenu Mommy! said...

:) life... enjoy

ganapati said...

pipming the blog is always difficult... getting a new reader and making him come again is what i find very difficult...

White Magpie said...

I loved the earlier 2004 post of yours. The yearn. Was very strong. I should have read it earlier.

Come to think of it, everything is about me and my isnt it? Ultimately one is in love with one's desires.

Arunima said...

@White Magpie: Can't agree more.

naman said...

lovely poetry,,, jsst loved the way u expresssed ur thoughts...

manan guju said...

keep them comin, nice read