Sunday, February 07, 2010

Gas bags all

Anne Hathaway claims that she digs into Physics books whenever she has time. She is interested in String Theory and Quarks etc. I have a feeling the lady is a gas bag who is claiming this just by following the T.V serial,'The Big Bang Theory'. ha ha ha. I love the serial too and I love Sheldon Cooper and his gang.

Coming to the SRK Vs Shiv Sena issue, bollywood is busy saying it was not me. Kajol said, "I don't have any account on twitter". Karan Johar said, "it is not Kajol". Abhishek joins in by saying,"Kajol doesn't have a twitter account" and the debate has moved from whether you support SRK or not to whether Kajol tweets or not. bah bollywood!

Since nobody is saying anything, I decided I must say something. I am going to Goa on the 11th. yes, finally!

6 of us from the office are going. So, if you think you are a twenty something PYT and you have beautiful legs, stay out of my way!!!


ganapati said...

well the SRK issue is bit serious... the shiv sena cant go on making a mockery of our democracy
and btw enjoy your trip to goa...its really nice.. m telling since i am from goa... if u get time visit the ancient temple in Tambdi Surla, its very peaceful over there.. they say that the pandavas visited the place

~ Lopa said...

hahaha, i love the way you make connections between random things in your post :)

yeyyy Goa time... Have fun :)

Imagination said...

Have a good trip :) Enjoy...

kirti said...

Bollywood guys are a bunch of spineless jerks.SRK is not as much concerned about "love thy neigbhours" as much about his movie "my name is Khan" because he has a huge audience in Pakistan.

and yeah!!!! Enjoy Goa!!!! I am staying out of your way . :-)

Arunima said...

@Kiti: lol!

thanks, i consider it one down.

AmitL said...

haha-Arunima,tks for another interesting tidbit. Anne Hathaway digging physics is like Rakhi Sawant saying she 'digs into' biology(books?)whenever she can.:)
The SRK V/s Shiv Sena issue-ignore,please-all creating free publicity for the movie. You see,no need for SRK to move around the country like the 3 idiots did..i.e the stars of the movie..haha.
ohhh-enjoy,enjoy-have a grt Goa trip-the net is available there,btw,so u could keep us updated.Any plans to enjoy the water sports too?
A big LOL at PYTs with long legs-stay away...why that warning,I wonder???*muses*

Arunima said...

@AmitL: competition Amit, competition! :-)

austere said...

Come back refreshed.
With photos.

AmitL said...

I guessed that,of course..hahaha..but,why just long?Not medium,not short??They also look good,many times..err..u know what I mean..LOL:):)