Friday, January 22, 2010



Well, there is no apparent reason why i am doing that. Today is my swearing and cussing day. So, men!!!
Read A thousand splendid suns and then went on to watch another movie on Afghanistan, 'the escape', which is about a journalist abducted by the Talibans and who was then helped to escape by a terrorist.

Enjoyed the book much more than the movie. I am a few years late in reading the book, but I did not read it all this while, because it was damn expensive. I don't like the fact that the second book of an author just becomes too expensive because the first book was a success. That way, I liked Chetan's latest cos Two States was just 95 rs. men!

Watched Sherlock Holmes. Jude Law is well, Jude Law. I know him as Sienna Miller's ex. men!

Been watching movies frequently on the big screen. It's my way of gearing up for the EMIs that will start next month on the home loan. Keeping this in mind, I shopped and splurged on my birthday on jackets, shirt, skirt, stockings, and shoes. I have never worn knee-length formal skirts to work.

Now, when it becomes easier to count your age in decades, you realise your legs are not getting any longer or better, and surprisingly, you even start to like them. (basically, you realise you don't have a choice on many other things, what are them legs!)

So, i thought if i have to wear it, let me just frikkin wear it, and did it.

Lastly, men!


GMB said...

Well i have been recommended the book by a friend too... but didnt get the time.. nor the money to buy them.. so i will be few more years late
nice post.. i think ur posts are always simple and sweet
movies are always a attraction on the big silver screen

anjugandhi said...

all the stories based on Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia are depressing.
The status of women there and our helplessness to do any thing about it makes my blood boil

AmitL said...

hahaha..Arunima, just see my latest post..I wrote 'today's going to be a day of humour'..I posted, and then came here and voila- another set of laughs for the day..:)
I totally agree-it's great that Chetan's books are just 95 Rs.He said in an interview that he wants them to be affordable to all. I think all this books piracy is because of the high prices of some of these bestsellers, frankly.
Great way to gear up for splurging beforehand..and,worry not-I'm sure you'll sail through the EMIs too and still be enjoying life watching movies,reading and so on.:)-
Biggest laugh- the part about counting age in decades and liking your legs..ROFL..great post.I'm almost afraid to blogsurf anymore at this moment-so that this humour mood continues.:)

Arunima said...

hey Amit, glad you liked it. Started the day reading your comment and then your blog and I know the laughs will continue.


austere said...


But you liked the book more.

Shrutzz said...

wow---u shopped and how much I miss shopping this way...
congrats on your new Home!!!

~Lopa said...


u know that is how i actually feel everytime i look at a skirt, i still don't wear that much of skirts due to climate but still i definitely wear more than i used to 7-8 years back !
I just feel, i am getting old and not young and if didnt happen until now what is the point of waiting for tomorrow...hehe

And ya 2 states, i loved tha fact that it was actually 95 rs. only, something you dont have to think twice before buying and you dont feel more guilty about wasting money if you don't like a book, and if you like it, you feel happy that impulsive decision to spend on it :)

kirti said...

you surely know how to think aloud .one post and sooo varied content.from movies to books to men to skirts and about growing up.
I am sure you are going to start liking your EMI days soon. they are the willing sacrifices for a cause and the EMI days will be a part of your parmanant memory.

Mentor said...

I read the book a year back....and the main male character(I forgot the name)is portrayed quite well. I think, Afghans or any influenced people lead a life where women are a mean object for ..... it's depressing often to read such realism and to believe :-( I will see the movie.
Sherlock Homes is all time favorites. Cinema of such a great work and I would like to see what director/producer has done with it.

Rohit said...

I have been eating outside for three days now. Women !!!
I came late to office today. Women !!!
Going to a party today . Women!!!
Lastly Women !!!

Arunima said...

lol@Rohit. you are too funny.

DewdropDream said...

A-men! ;)

And I agree, second books that are priced higher because the first one sold well, that's unfair. To the readers. The author, of course, is rightly being compensated for their effort :)

How did you like Sherlock Holmes? I've been meaning to watch it for ages now!

And, to sign of, MEN!!!

d4u said...

Really liked Holmes :) and speaking of homes congrats on buying one!!! Are men available on EMIs?? ;)