Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A to Z tag

AmitL tagged me(thank you, ji)to do this A to Z tag, and here goes:
A. Attached or Single?
Attached. It was ‘Confused’ for quite some time.
B. Best Friend?
My group of childhood friends from school and J.
C: Cake or pie?
Both, occasionally.
D. Drink of choice?
Black tea with lime, black coffee, cold coffee, vodka with a dash of lime, and fresh fruit juices.
E. Essential item you use every day?
Water, food, clothes, bathroom items etc.
F. Favorite color?
Depends on the mood, but I like red.
G. Gummy bears or worms?
what the *beep* !:-)
H. Hometown?
Imphal- I might retire there. Indulge in gardening and teach children.

I. Favorite indulgence?
Blogging when I am not supposed to. (get the hint)
J. January or July?
January, of course. It is my birth month. It is winter and the dishes are yum that time of the year at home, though winter is not my favorite season.
K. Kids & their names?
Lubentina, the greek goddess of garden.
L. Life isn’t complete without?
Some music.
To add to this, marriage is not complete without the mom-in-law. :-)
M. Marriage date?
Well, wanted it to be 07-07-07. We were chased out as we did not have all the papers. :-) Then we got married and after that I forgot. Marriage makes you forgetful. What did you ask?
N. Number of Siblings?
2 big brothers and 1 big sister. Big family, happy family! :-)
O. Oranges or Apples?
Both and some more. The HR in my ex org kept on telling me, comparing the two BUs that I worked for is like comparing an orange and an apple. I left the organization because I didn’t get what she was saying. ;-)
P. Phobias?
I am afraid of the dark.
Q. Quotes?
“They laugh at me cos I am different. I laugh at them cos they are all the same.”
R. Reasons to smile?
love, life, health, internal peace.
S. Season?
Spring and rainy season. Love the new leaves and flowers. Love the smell of wet earth. Reminds me of childhood.
T. Tag people:
Anyone reading this post and finding the tag interesting.
U. Unknown fact about me?
I was adopted. No, I am lying.
V. Vegetable?
potato, tomato, onion. (my essentials)
W. Worst habit?
Biting nails (not any more). Running to the pick-up point every morning.
X. X-ray you've had?
Y. Your favorite food?
Not particular, but I like egg curry and Indianised Chinese food.
Z. Zodiac sign?
Capricorn. Am I cool or what!


Shobana Jayaraman (Srikumar) said...

i guess that's a tag i'll take up. at least i'll post something rather that filling up my draft folder! :)

AnjuGandhi said...

enjoyed reading all the answers
tells so much about u

Arunima said...

@Shobhana: please do it. this was quiet easy and fun too.

Arunima said...

@Anju: I am sure it did. If you read older posts, you'll know this blog doesn't have anything else other than about myself. :-)

Pallavi said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my posts. I was just thinking about you for no reason today.. and there you are..

As for your question :
Spirituality has always been a way of my life.. my blog Tarot and Wisdom reflects that. Just wasn't so up and about on the same in the main blog.. the retreat kind of made me think that I should be more open.. Just that.. nothing else..

Khuman Ngakpa said...

"They laugh at me cos I am different. I laugh at them cos they are all the same."

- Very funny yet very meaningful. :)

Tys on Ice said...

:) i really like this wud hve been real easy to remember if u guys did manage to get hitched on 777...too bad...i wanted it for 999 ...u know? reversed the sign of the antichrist etc...

Arunima said...

@tys on ice: yes, at least it was the day that I prepared myself to be hitched and was ready to be a married woman and not run away from commitment. :)

Anonymous said...

Liked the tag.. and well done!
I thought that this was the kind of tag I posted...I guess I am tagging myself here and I'll do this one. I have nothing to post about!

Arunima said...

@ramya: yes, please do it. I have a lot of pending tags.

Amit said...

Hi,Arunima-great to see you did the tag so soon,and,so interestingly that it had me smiling.
..attached or single-'confused' for quite some time..hahaha..maybe you should add the word to the next tagged person(Attached,single or confused?)
..drink of choice-try green tea with lime-five or six cups later(not at once)and you'll be's healthy and good.

..Gummy bears-that one was an American thing-I had to ask Curious,who tagged me,as to what it was..worms are the long, sour jelly that's long and shaped like worms while gummy bear is candy shaped like a bear. still don't know what comparing apples to oranges stands for?;)(Out here,the phrase people use is 'compare apples to apples,not apples to bananas.'Weird)

Good going!Await the next tag,coming up in a day or 2..u're now on my permanent'to tag' list.:)

Anonymous said...

lothe way you responded to each question..especially the first one:)

Shruti SriHarsha said...

enjoyed reading!

Asha said...

Arunima, as always it was good to read your tag post. Came to your blog after a long time and I did enjoy reading some of the latest posts. With swine flu scare in our city and kids @home full time, I was not able to spend more time on things that I like to do... still I managed to read your post :)

Arunima said...

@Asha: Thanks, Asha. it was really nice of you to find time for this blog.

Meena Maami? Meenu Mommy! said...

hey.. you have been tagged


venkat said...

Interesting reading about you.When I meet somebody,I will ask about their city and get on the internet and read a lot about that city.Now I will do the same about Imphal and may ask you some questions.when I googled about Imphal, the first thing I get is Battle of Imphal which I never read.I will read much more about your city.

Diwakar Sinha said...

'Then we got married and after that I forgot. Marriage makes you forgetful. What did you ask?'

Anonymous said...
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