Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ankita and her grandpa

Ankita comes home from school and quickly does her homework. Hears someone open the gate. Runs to the balcony to check if it is my dad, her grandpa. It is her grandpa indeed. Screams at the top of her voice.

Ankita: Grandpa, where are you going? You have to take me to the swimming pool.
Dad: yes, I am just coming back in two minutes.
Ankita: I am going to finish my homework. Come back soon.
Dad: ok, now go inside.
Ankita: You must get Kurkure and Appy for me then.
Dad: You never forget that. The worms have eaten your teeth away and you still want to eat all the junk.

After some time, dad comes home. Ankita has finished her homework and insists that she wear her swim suit. She doesn’t want to waste time changing it in the pool is her logic, though we believe that what she wanted to do is show off to her friends in the neighborhood as dad drives her off. Her mom has packed her normal wear in a bag. Ankita searches for dad and finds him in the rest room.

Ankita: Grandpa, what are you doing in the rest room? (At the top of her voice)
Dad: (Doesn’t reply)
Ankita: Tell me, are you sh!tt!ng? (The exact translation in my language at the top of her voice)
Dad: Doesn’t reply.
Ankita: Grandpa, why are you sh!tt!ng for so long?
Dad: (Comes out and screams at her.) Yes, I was. You don’t even let me do it in peace.
Ankita: Does anybody do that for so long? Come now and take me to the swimming pool.

Both of them fight and dad takes her to the pool.
Ankita: (On the way out) Did you get what I asked you to get?


C, S and i met up over the weekend. Ok, a little history about us. We were team mates. C has joined another organization. i have moved to another team and S is still in the same team. So, we had fodder for gossip about my new team, C's new team and our old team.
i updated about this to our ex-Manager who has also joined another organization. She said,"may i know why V (another team mate) is not invited?" Very honestly i replied,"whom should we gossip about then?"


AmitL said...

Haha..the Ankita part was typically representative of any kid today,I'd say!!:)
A big haha at three of you ex-colleagues meeting up,all in different workplaces now.And,a bigger haha at the last remark that if you invite the fourth one,what'd you gossip about?That makes me ask'don't you ever talk about non-gossip items?'?grin grin!!

austere said...

That's one determined young lady, all right. :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

heheh. poor kid? poor grandpa? who was the greater sufferer?

Invincible said...

Ankita's sure gonna take every one for ride soon.

claytonia vices said...

Already hooked to kurkure?? Hmmm....

Ritu said...

Ankita sounds like my daughter... Such a sweet grandpa though.. :-)

Jadu Kumar Saikia said...

nice one

pavi said...

OMG your blogs are so readable .. really make the time fly !
And you are still writing ( considering that I was reading your blogs since 2006)