Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight watcher

Movies like, ‘The Dark Knight’ make some grown-ups behave like a kid. S had been waiting for its release fervently. He read some reviews and how well it opened in the U.S and fed his own anxiety. Dinners in the last week consisted of updates about the movie and its reviews, how Christian Bale is a very good actor and how Heath has played the role of the joker with elan(imagine the special symbol and pronounce correctly. I am not able to do it. :-) ). I said,”yes, Christian Bale is finally getting his due. I liked him in ‘Equilibrium’ and ‘Machinist’ specially, but I haven’t watched ‘Batman Begins’. He looked at me as if I just confessed murder.

Making up his mind that I have a shitty choice for movies, he continued raving about Heath Ledger. I said,” I don’t watch gay movies no matter how good they are. Tell me something else.” (I just couldn’t recall his face.) “Oh yes, ‘A knight’s tale’ and the rock music and how I had commented on his looks. (I watched it with him. Hence, another proof of his good choice and my Shittyness in the subject).

Over the dining table, we mourned his death as if my husband has lost a bum chum buddy, the proverbial ‘langotiya yaar.’

S booked the movie in advance and we watched it finally. He hates loafing around in malls and window shopping but for a change, he asked me to get dressed early and said, ‘let us collect the ticket and while away some time.’

We were among the first few people to enter the theater. I guess he needed that time to do some breathing exercise to control anxiety lest he faint the moment the movie starts.

He absorbed each and every scene and came back.

On the way back, he started testing my IQ test on the super heroes and asked if I didn’t read their comics, as if he had suddenly remembered what was it that he wanted to know about me while courting, but not being able to put a finger on, had somehow decided to get married. I confessed I did not read Superman, Batman or Daredevil but read a lot of Phantoms hoping we are still married.

He continued explaining why Batman is not like other super heroes forgetting I have just watched the movie sitting right next to him and that we have our personal collection of the Superman series. He mumbled something like, “It was too good na, how the joker said, ‘I will not kill you because you are too much fun and you will not kill me because you are too self righteous’” and added, “I feel like buying the comic and reading it again.”

So, if you see a man at the tender age of 31 with a Batman comic, he could very well be my husband.


Anonymous said...

LOL at S!

What's with men and superheroes? I find it quite sexist that all these super heroes like spider/bat/super man, incredible hulk, Judge dredd possess superhuman qualities and is it coincidental that they happened to have the X chromosome?

Keep Blogging!


austere said...

What about Mandrake?

I grinned through this account, thanks.

claytonia vices said...

There are female superheroes too but I guess those comics don't find as many buyers as it seems to be a boy thing...
by the way, you should be thankful that ur S does not buy toy cars like some other 'boys' I know ;)

Anonymous said...

well, I think superheroes represent a strain of men who are bold, honourable, self-righteous, strong, and good looking. What can be more appealing than this to us mortals??!!...thats the attraction. Esp for the ladies...and Christian Bale is oh-so-YUMMY!!

some good writing here!

P said...

I got to hear all about the movie and the whole batman series yesterday too!! The topics seem very similar (great acting of Heath Ledger, why Batman is not like other super heroes, etc.)
I haven't seen an entire Batman movie either. Fortunately I am miles away from my bf and he and his friends did a guy's night out. So I was saved from faking enthusiasm :p

Romila said...

Next time you see any of these superhero movies, pl, pl tag me along too. (I promise I won't be kabab mein haddi).

Batman esp. tops the list and is terribly drool worthy. Know what?
He is the only superhero who is very, very human with no superpower- he just has awesome gadgets, has lotsa money, and is very brainy and of course, with looks that kill. Mmm!

Atleast ur hubby drools after comic superheroes which is quite normal. Mine buys remote control cars, and play machines:)

Arunima said...

@romila: lol!

Yes, I agree on everything about Batman. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly too.

manuscrypts said...

@S "See, to them, you're just a freak... like me!" :}

Pallavi said...

ahahah !! Rocks also does that when it comes to superheroes and tells me how Batman is different and all.. Sigh..

phatichar said...

Oh, boy..coming here after so long! This post reminded me of myself..heck i'm still like that.

Read this:

Also make hubby read. :-)

How've you been, Arunima? Long time...(I donno if you'll remember me, but well...)

mathew said...

LOL!!..Batman @ 31...He is a perfect 'YOungman' at heart!!;-D

Arunima said...

@Phatichar: hey, it's been a long time buddy. Nice to see you here. I'll sure make him read it.

chandni said...

mine is completely in the same category....

Asterix and tin tin rule his world...and all he wanted me to get from the US was a superman T shirt :)

AmitL said...

ROFL.I must meet your husband.I'm sure we can compare notes on Archies,Phantom,Mandrake,Bahadur...:)

But,hey,tell me,isn't it better to have discussions on Superhero movies rather than on politics and the crores which are thrown about to ensure a win??:)

DewdropDream said...

hahahahaha!!! 'hoping we're atill married'??!!! hahaha!!


I did my MA dissertation on comic books, or rather, graphic novels as would be their politically correct name. And I did do a bit of research on female superheroines... I suppose the reason superheroes are so popular over their female counterparts is because woemn essentially don't care about imagined superpowers or fictitious characters who possess them, whereas men can't stop fantasizing about an alternate world where they'd have the power to vanquich enemies... it's a man thing... so.. I guess superheroes win the popularity round.

Ms Taggart said...

No, actually it could be mine also.. just that mine is still 30 ! :)
We havent watched the movie yet, but I have been treated to a daily dose of the same dialogues by Joker! :)

Cafe Talkers said...

I agree....even my husband enjoyed d movie with childlike innocence....he just cud nt stop talking about batman till even after d movie....i guess there is something with men nd superheroes...:))