Saturday, November 03, 2007

my blog crashed in the take-off

There is a way of dealing with some problems in life. Problems such as having a lot to do. And the best way to counter it, is by not doing anything. So, this was what I was doing, not doing anything. It takes a lot of effort not to do anything.

OK, let me be honest. I did not take a sponsorship from the company for higher studies because I didn't want to work under a bond. (obviously, it is not my father's company but I take time to understand such things also.) So I have enrolled for a different course with my own money and I have been studying. By the time I finish an assignment, it is time for another. By the time I finish that, a test is lurking in the corner.

I had decided that my blog has crashed in the take-off. (My goal was to blog till kingdom come you see. whatever that means!) I would resign myself to my career, marriage and motherhood without even a murmur. But suddenly, it started to itch. The itch which would go only by the feel of my fingers on the keyboard, be it just two, typing out a blog post. I am grateful to those of you who mailed and left comments asking, 'what's up?' It made the itch even more pronounced and suddenly, I am sitting and typing another post. I'll be quite busy until December and I don't know when the next post is coming but I have acclimatised with the schedule of doing assignments and studying along with the job and I don't feel too stressed anymore.

Been to one of those off-site team-building nonsense as they call it in the corporate world. Much as I act that I hate these stuffs, I guess I always participate with all my heart. Like the last time, this time again, I got the award for being the most enthusiastic person. Maybe, I cheered a little more, clapped a little louder than the rest.

The phone has been ringing off the hook and my bills are hitting the roof. (what cliches!) No, it is not a man, but suddenly three of us ie. J (ok, she is not J, my dear silly goose who got married but Dr. J my childhood friend in Delhi), R (the lady warden in Pune) and I, have been planning to get married in the same month, sometime next year. I don't know how it is going to work out but we are enjoying every bit of the planning.

By the way, I did not find the movie, Heyy Baby one bit funny. Infact, I found it very stupid.
I had a crush on Matt Damon for a few days after watching the last Bourne movie. I had refreshed my memory and build up expectation by watching the earlier two parts back to back. I did the same for The Resident Evil series. Liked the second part better than the third. What with the two sexy girls kicking ass!
Next was OK and so was Bhoolbhulaiyaa. Vidhya Balan has done very good acting. But you must watch The Brave One. Naveen Andrews gets to kiss Jodie Foster. Boy, he has arrived!


austere said...

hey, write when you can.
What else is google reader for?

Quite impressive, that course sounds. Admire the enthu.

akash said...

Hey go watch "Jab We Met" it is really good.

Arunima said...

@austere: thanks, I hope I can keep it going. It is not easy to study after a long day at work.

@akash: Hi, nice to see you after a long time. I'll surely watch it ASAP and I'll also review it.

Ritu said...

Hi... Glad to see a post on ur blog. I agree with the "itch" bit. Sometimes this sounding board can mean a helluva lot more than we give it credit for!

See Jab we Met.. Its fresh.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

yello there. good to see a post

Stone said...

Good to see you back :-)

Heyy Babby was total BAKWAAS.

RK said...

Pls don't stop writing !
Regarding doing nothing, I read this funny line - it is most difficult to do nothing, because you never know when you are finished!
-Rk (

Aqua said...

Heya! Long time. so are you on a sabbatical?

btw i herby dub you a certified south indian. did your realise you just spelt vidya balan as vidhya balan. with a 'h'.



Arunima said...

@aqua: :-) sometimes, I speak with a South Indian accent too.

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima.Great to see an update on what's been happening.:)LOL at *obviously, it is not my father's company but I take time to understand such things also.*..sometimes,I go under similar mistaken impressions.

Here's wishing you:

-Best of luck at coming out with flying colours in the course.

- A Very Happy Diwali and a Delightful New Year.


claytonia vices said...

All the best with that course, girl!

I do miss the good ol' days when u used to post atleast once a week!

Anonymous said...

Great post... I appreciate.. :)

KP said...

nice post...:)

i know how u feel abt work and school.... many of us are in the same boat as u are....:)

njoi the life and keep writing...:)

praetorian said...

Hi Arunima,
I am not a blogger but have this almost complusive obsession to read good blogs including yours.
Another blog I love reading
Writes amazingly.
Please browse when u get time.
Happy blogging :)

Layon said...

So next post in the new year ??? hmmm...

Dwipen Khwairakpam said...

hey, keep writing..its an inspiration for newbies and good readers.. i find it really interesting to read your blog..write when you can..i know that bloggers have that itch on their hands..hope to hear more from your side

GuNs said...

Good to see you back again.
Don't stop writing now.


manuscrypts said...

stop shirking your blog duty woman!!!

PS. how've you been? :)

despiteme said...

Hi Arunima...been away from blogworld myself...but i am back!

You're getting married????

and i know all about lessons...i am learing mandarin and its killing me!