Thursday, August 16, 2007

movies and their songs

I was just listening to the songs of Life in a... metro. I like the O meri Jaan number. It would have still been very nice without the guitar from silent lucidity. It has lost the chance of being called original due to this, just like Bips I should say. Bipasha lost the chance to correct the world on how to pronounce the Taj Mahal by picking up an accent at the airport and announcing Taj Mahaal at Lisbon.

Coming back to the song, while I was listening to it, I remembered a song of yester-years. Jeetender ran with the saree clad heroine singing,

"Saumbar ko hum mille,
mangalbar ko nain
sath dino mein hogaye jeise sath janam ka pyar
ho ho ho (hero and heroine running)"

We met on monday, eyes met on tuesday, ... after 7 days, it looks like its the love of seven lives ho ho ho (hero heroine running.)

Now, some lines from the song O meri Jaan goes like this:
"kal uska raha
ab hain tera ish raat se
O meri Jaan"

Until yesterday, I was his/hers. Now I am yours from this night, O my life.
Nobody seems to have time nowadays. Sigh!

Ok, the movie has come (was released in May) and gone but I still want to mention my observations. I don't particularly like Shilpa Shetty but she is famous in the U.K. In India, she is famous for having...
I mean she has got a flat stomach that would put any LCD T.V to shame. She has an easy smile too. If you start looking at one end of her smile in the morning, by the time you reach the other end, the sun would have set.

In this movie, the characters get to play what they have done before. Shilpa, cried racism racism in Big Brother but then had a change of heart and denied it. In the movie she cries love love through an extra marital affair but decides to go back to her husband.

Konkana Sen yet again gets the chance to catch her boyfriend pants down with another man like the movie, Page 3. Ironically she realizes that her competition has been with a man.

Kangana Ranaut(I hope I spelled it right)gets to play a woman who doesn’t know with whom she is sleeping with and hits the bottle like the movie, Gangster. This time the bottle was phenyl.

Shiney Ahuja plays the helpless man of few words like Gangster.

Now, I am not able to say anything about Irrfan, KK and the other guy. Interested people may kindly help me out. Let’s leave Dharam and Nafisa. I liked the movie particularly Irrfan and Konkana Sen. I liked their chemistry and one particular dialogue:

Konkana is choosy about her man and has been rejecting guys after the first meeting itself. She is not ready to compromise on her expectations and she is understandably, quite lonely. (This is the background)

Irrfan: My friend is waiting for the traffic in the city to go green so that he can take his car out from the garage.
Konkana: But how will that be possible unless he takes it out and tries?
Irrfan: That’s what I am saying. You have to take your chance baby.


manuscrypts said...

poor bips, that must've been the aftertaste of ronaldo.. and yup, i loved that irfan-konkona conversation in metro... buti hate konkona anyway..

Thangjam said...

Hi! Liked your blog...interesting thoughts.

Rk said...

Totally liked the post...everything!!
Especially the translation of lyrics had me ROFLing ..and the comparision of few actors with their earlier role is too good, It hadn't clicked to me- I usually look for such similarities!

Stone said...


shub said...

hehehe! Liked this post! :)

Anand Sarolkar said...

1. >>I mean she has got a flat stomach that would put any LCD T.V to shame. <<

Very true!!!

2. >>She has an easy smile too. If you start looking at one end of her smile in the morning, by the time you reach the other end, the sun would have set.<<


3. I wanted to see this movie but then the promos were so lousy, all my interest died down.

AmitL said... ur memory of saumbar(Sounded like Sambhar)ko hum mille song.:)Another grin at Shilpa's flat stomach that would put any LCD TV to shame(Do I detect a touch of envy?Tch tch.:))I do hope to see a metro one of these days.:)The movie,not really shift to Mumbai,I mean.

claytonia vices said...

Exactly! Thats what I thought after watching metro! Kokona sen's case is an unusual form of getting stereotyped roles... where her men turn out to be gay!!!

Nautilus said...

Poor Konkona - she does have a knack for falling in love with gay guys it seems!!! I wanted to give her some tips on honing her "gay-dar" the other day when she was standing in line behind me to buy Kolkata tickets at Mumbai airport, but she looked so stern and aloof in her oversized D&G glasses that I backed off!! ;-)

austere said...

But the music is good. particularly that alvida song, butchered at music competitions on telly.

the voi one was good but.

Talking Tails said...

Hehehe... yes.. I agree.. the Music of LIAM is pretty good... And for a change, it's good to see something NICE (AND Original) coming out from Pritam's Stables..!)... O Meri Jaan is awesome no doubt! .. takes the cake (according to ME! as well..!)


chandni said...

havent seen the movie but love the songs!

Dust Unsettled said...

Hi... I like reading your posts...

I had seen this movie right after it's release and had written a review too, then. The music of this movie is still gripping...

Keep writing!

pavi said...

even me liked the chemistry between irfan and konkana ..

but konkana differs here from page 3 .. as there she was a confident gal ;)