Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The concert that was

I will not admit that the wait was horrible having to wait from 5.30 till 8 or even later for the concert to start.
I will not admit that I had people pushing me from left right and centre in all directions trying to get closer to the stage.
I will not admit that the air smelled of grass at times.
I will not admit that my legs hurt and my back ached.
I will not admit that I could see him between the shoulders of some giants standing in front of me.
I will not admit that I don’t know all their songs ok; I can admit this as I know the popular ones and there were many like me in the crowd.
I will admit I went with three guys, felt protected and pushed and shoved the giants to glory to get a better view.
I will admit I was glad to be there to see Mr. Tyler in flesh and blood from so close and witness the energy and his trademark scarves tied to the microphone stand.

It is something, which my brother couldn’t see even when he is a great fan.
He used to put up Aerosmith's and many bands’ posters, play them loud as we were growing up and finally made me accept rock music (Iron Maiden and many gothic and heavy metal bands are noise to me still)
Steven Tyler must be no younger than my dad but boy, he still rocked.


Noodlehead said...

hey there! thanks for stopping by :) the one regret i have is that i've never been to a live concert, although we seem to be having so many in blore!! with baby now, i think this is one item i shud scratch from my list of to-dos. btw, bonbon takes after my husband....apart from my chin, she has nothing else. i'm glad at least she has something from me!

Himanshu said...

So you finally made it. Great. I dont know why i never like Aerosmith that much even after trying hard to like them. On the same note i recently been to few live concerts of menwhopause (being in Delhi is fun.) if you haven't tried them yet, do it. amazing stuff. just google for them and you'll see how strong they are going.


Aqua said...

arunima, i could have written this post myself. agree on everything. one tight slap to the giants standing in front of me. and imagine, i stupidly wore 4 inch heel boots so i was a wreck on sunday. sore throat + body ache. groan! but steve 'thatha' rocked!!!

austere said...

There is one song only which I know, amazing or something? it was a lifesaver once upon a time. still know the words somewhat.
Thanks for reading me.

Dreamcatcher said...

Sigh. I envy you.

Arunima said...

@Aqua: lol!

I always say I am born with heels. I was warned this time and my life was saved. I went wearing sport shoes.

Aqua said...

smart gerl! why didn't i think of wearing sneakers myself :( oof vanity takes it toll!

manuscrypts said...

crazy.. :)

Arunima said...

hey...u lucky bangloreans...watch all the gods perform!!!
great blog...spent some time on the archives...liked your style.


Arunima said...

@Arunima: Nice to know tehre is another blogger with the same name.

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima,nice to see u enjoyed the concert,4 giants notwithstanding.:)

unforgiven said...

Great concert yeah? Wish I was there but then, I'm sure they'll still be around for a few more years.