Monday, September 18, 2006

Paanch ka do

When I read some tags I say, 'oh! another tag' but if I don't get tagged then I wonder why nobody wants to know my opinion. Many tags are doing the rounds that it is a 'paanch ka do' (2 for 5 rs) scenario of the local vegetable market. So, Chander tagged me and I have changed the title so that you cannot escape this post. ha ha ha (devilish laughter! )

So, here goes my me me and only me.

I am thinking about.. many things. If I should start doing what I actually do once I complete 3 or 4 months in an organization - attend interviews. About the demo I need to give, the conference call later. To prepare fish cutlet or fish fry though I know I’ll end up cooking chicken as I eat chicken when I am sad or when I am happy, whether to paint my nails pink or any other colour or to pick up a fight with roomie if I don’t want to cook.

I said...Emraan Hasmi triggers a hormone in me. The hormone shootrophine, responsible for inducing feelings like shooting down a person.

I want to... shake my bon bon. Jokes apart, I want to settle in the country post retirement.

I wish...I could remove snakes from the planet even if they were Sridevis in disguise.

I hear…songs which I hate, ringing in my ears. It often happens that I don’t want to hum it but it comes automatically. Can you imagine somebody humming "Bholi bhaali ladki, khol teri dilki pyar waali khidki ho ho ho” every 15 minutes?

I wonder...if God created me with second-hand parts. I have been visiting the doctor for one part after the other. Health problems which do not kill but problems nevertheless.

I regret...not many things. Learnt from my mistakes. I have taken enough risk in life with my career and also for love.

I am...a veryyyy nice person. I am sorry if your perception was/is wrong.

I dance… the Manipuri folk and classical dances, a little bit of Meregue, Cha cha cha, Salsa, Jive and bollywood jhatka-matkas. I also dance like Mithun and Govinda. I specialise in the number,”I am a disco dancer’ and I don’t care whether my hips lie or not.

I sing...fairly well. Won some competions which I only know of. I threaten my colleagues that I will start singing if they do not play the music and they oblige without a second thought. Nobody appreciates talent these days. When the country has gone crazy after Himesh crooning ‘e Hazooonnrrrrr’, what can I expect?

I cry...Easily. Sometimes, for people who care too little and I cry buckets if I please.

I am not always...moody, crying or bitching. I am quite a cheerful and a positive person.

I make with my hands... paper planes, boats, my bed, my hair, my destiny. I also make people relax as I give good massage with my hands. (Learnt from friends in hostel). I am sure I can make love too.

I write... here to fume, frown, for fun and frolic.

I confuse...myself over silly things and confuse others with my confusion.

I need ... to be needed, to be treasured, to be wanted and of course good sleep.

And finally... (will link up the URLs later)

acoustic dreamer
anshuman ghosh
vanguard leading a new life
Goan Pao

Let us make some more noise.


Himanshu said...

Did i see my name in the list? :0

akash said...

reading your blog always brings a smile to my face :)

Arunima said...

@Himanshu: yes, very much.
@akash: thanks!!

d4u said...

Had a nice laugh:)

Kishore said...

Loved reading this.. :D
And mine, coming soon.. :)

burf said...

positivly positive? :D

Ardra said...

Hi arunima!

I like reading tags- i find them interesting- and its fun when the blogger has a sense of humour too-

I dont usually tag anybody becos I understand some bloggers find them a chore.

enjoyed reading yours :-)

Ardra said...

oops arunima- when i did not see my comment posted- I multiple posted- only afterwards I realised that the comments will appear after moderation. sorry.

Dreamcatcher said...

Emraan Hasmi triggers a hormone in me. The hormone shootrophine, responsible for inducing feelings like shooting down a person.
- aaah no one could have put it better. No one.
Actually Himesh Reshammiya triggers the same reaction in me - someone tell him to please stop singing his own songs. They hurt.

Anshuman Ghosh said...

while i was reading your post, i was talking to myself "I am spared of this tag thingie, nobody tags me hahaha" ... and then i scrolled down .. and - OMG, there I was :-D

I will think about it ;-D

manuscrypts said...

finally... i have a chicken soul mate... have found very few people who retain their loyalty to chicken for very long stretches of time..

observor said...

I should say ur blogs are generally good :-)

observor said...

I should say ur blogs are really eloquent :-)

pavi said...

Babe ur blog is rockin!
now in 28k
gimme a party at 30 K

anumita said...

I am suddenly being hounded by images of a hundred nagin sridevis with lensed eyes opened bigger than her face!!! Help!!!

shivangi said...

Damn you! Now I cant get that silly song out of my head... pyar wali khidkiiii... ho ho ho...

Arunima said...

@shivangi: oh yes, I am so damned.:-) may the virus spread!

Aqua said...

hahaha...i'm also in the same boat when it comes to the second hand parts bit :) especially with my teeth heh heh

and thanks for tagging me!

Anshuman Ghosh said...

did u remove the archives of your blog recently? Or maybe I have been ignorant till now -- either ways, how about putting them back for some leisure reading pleasure of your visitors ? :)

Kishore said...

I've made my share of the noise.

Arunima said...

all my archives are right here. just refresh or click home.

Arunima said...

@kishore: thanks!! I'll be there.

chandni said...

very well written!! and ofcourse chandni is hining brightly right on top!!

But I have done the tag already :(

we insist that we be given another one!

Prat said...

i laughed so loud reading this, esp the song bit. man, that is such a weird song. i didnt know that people even remembered it! way to go, girl!

Anonymous said...


This was a misti. A couple of statements those raised some thoughts in my dumb head.

1. bon bon… settle in the country post retirement. The sawal is which country ?? No…No… the sawal is when are you retiring…

2. I am sorry if your perception was/is wrong… Whose perception is this perception ??

3. I am sure I can make love too. Did I have a sawal … Yes.. gone now.

4. Bholi bhaali ladki, khol teri dilki pyar waali khidki…. Who is bholi bhalli……..


Hemanshu said...

Is it me you are talking about?

Goli said...

Stumbled on your blog from chander, I loved "would like to get rid of all the snakes even if they were sridevis in disguise"... Hehehe.... Cheers :D

Arunima said...

@Dubba: 1. Retirement: It may happen any time after I cross 40.

2. Perception was anybody's who can perceive about me.

3. I am glad it went.

4. The bholli Bahlli in this case was Mamta Kulkarni who after a few movies made more money cutting ribbons.

Arunima said...

@Hemanshu: yes, it is you and because you don't blog frequently.

@Goli: Thanks for being here.

AmitL said...

That's a nice honest set of 'I's,I'd say,Arunima.:)Good going.:)

Nautilus said...

Waaaaaaaa :-( Why did you have to tag I've to think!!! :-) You know what, I could just copy-paste your list and call it a day! Hooohahahaa

Also, any money Ms Kulkarni made cutting ribbons has probably gone to her lawyer after that obscenity suit slammed by the Maharashtra govt...poor girl...couldn't keep her bholi bhali image...and i've that song stuck in my head!!!

austere said...

Glad to meet you maam!

Somehow this reminded me of that rock climbing exercise or something in that course you'd been to once?