Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Attention Deficiency Disorder

I feel like writing I am back by popular demand but I don’t want to exhibit the symptoms of Attention Deficiency Disorder though it is itching inside to just say it out. So, by denying it, I am assuming my blog doesn’t suffer from it.

Well, I like challenges, challenges that make me laugh at the other person actually. I was asked to stop blogging by some people because they could not digest what I wrote. Today, I am planning to write a fat-free post but while at it, Mr. ex asked me to blog somewhere else with a different ID. His lady of the moment, reads my blog too. I wanted to say, why don’t you change your name, leave the country or leave the world? I am too hurt you see?

Whoever said, “You shouldn’t date someone who reads your blog”, said it so right. I replied very lovingly ‘Eff off!”. It is still in my Sent folder for sweet memories. Firstly, you dump me and then you tell me what not to do. And please, don’t even talk anything about her. She might be Angelina Jolie to you (which, I know she is not. Don’t be happy simply) but to me, she is a B@#$%. I don’t need to see her. I have already decided.

My dear reader Mungeri, you commented in my last post that I sound pretty dumped. How could you say that? What’s so pretty about being dumped? It was actually miserable.

Now, I had decided that I would be cutting cost in July as I had been traveling a lot in the month of June. I was keeping up my words but truth came marching on my face on the 30th of July. It was a Sunday and there was a SALE at Bangalore Central. I bought two pairs of sandals/slippers, white and blue. Now, I need to buy matching dresses and bags.

I was very angry and pissed with myself that I went back again over the weekend, to shop. The garment I wanted had no discount on it so I bought some more with discounts to cover up my guilt. I had my two-minutes of glory in front of the mirror and I hate SALEs. They are just marketing strategies to trap innocent citizens like me. Next time, I see SALE written on any newspaper, I am not going to use it as toilet paper but I am going to sleep.

Now, there is the India International Salsa Congress happening at Bangalore. I’ll be going with some of my colleagues for the Grand Finale at Leela on 18th. Question is again, what do I wear? We are not those regular party people and I have just one salsa skirt, which I have worn 2 times out of the three parties that I attended. I pity the celebrities when I think about dresses. Imagine the amount of agony they must be going through whenever they have to attend a party.

It has been rainy and on days like this, some of you might be feeling romantic and all that. I feel it too sometimes. Thing is that, today I happen to be concerned about tomatoes. Have you noticed that the price fluctuates between 22 and 5 Rs per kg. because of the rain? (In Bangalore). I even tell my roomy that her mood fluctuates like the price of tomatoes.

Yes, I am blogging from home very soon now that I know I am not shifting out. Airtel said they would take one month to get it done. Went for Tata Indicom. They showed me the cable and the router and wham, they have gone vanishing.
We’ve been calling up the customer care everyday for the past two weeks now with loved-filled adjectives.
Once it gets done, fellow bloggers, every move you make, every breath you take, I’ll be watching you.


claytonia vices said...

Tata Indicom?? You are luckier, they vanished with my 1000-odd bucks! :-(

d4u said...

This post indicates y urs is 1 of my favourite blogs..u av a way with words:) And ya sale does strike a chord with me too...actually i guess violins start playin in my ears when i hear that word;)

Nautilus said...

Tata Indicom tried a vanishing act on me too...but somehow I managed to get my refund...lucky me!

I was once asked by my sister to change my blog address, because her psycho husband somehow manages to torment her by twisting my words (don't ask me to explain...I was quite stumped too!) I told her her very sweetly "Will you leave the SOB if I asked you to?" She had no answer.

Blr has come a long way...Salsa Championship, huh? Do the pubs still close at 11pm?

manuscrypts said...

whoa.. everything from lovelife to sale to salsa and tomatoes and ISPs .. meanwhile refining binges to only vegetable sales would be a step towads cutting costs ;)

Hemanshu said...

You are right!

Getting dumped is no cause for concern or a raised eye brow where you are concerned, and we both know why, so I won't expound on it.

But dating a guy who reads your blog? OMG, what were you thinking?

chandni said...

I am having problems with the internet too :(

its still not set up!

Rk said...

I bought two pairs of sandals/slippers, white and blue. Now, I need to buy matching dresses and bags.
I was very angry and pissed with myself that I went back again over the weekend, to shop. The garment I wanted had no discount on it so I bought some more with discounts to cover up my guilt.
ROFL ....
If you ever wish to blog at another place, pls pls pls tell me :)

Stone said...

At begining of every month I write 'No Spending Month' but always end up doing exact opposite!!
Anyways, Angelina Jolie ko as an example use na karo plzz B-(

Anonymous said...

had me laughing in places. also loved the first 2 paragraphs :) way to go girl. why should you change ways/blogs/id/life just cos some dumbass is inconvenienced?!

so how are we? :)


Alapana said...

Hmmm,good to see you back,i come atleast once here whenever i am free:) Why do you need to change your blog or life or words just because of some Idiot who cannot move past his past.{well,i did so and till date regret it}Let him go to hell,who cares as such.
SALE :( the word makes me so very excited,on monday we had been to a sale and i sure did promise hubby i wont buy dresses or sarees but ended up with 4chudidaars and 6sarees:D only with a threat that he might kill me the next time i break the promise,hahaha.I better stop reading news coloumns advertising abt sale:(
Have a wonderful weekend lady, havefun.

Anonymous said...


Mungeri would like to comment on the statement.“You shouldn’t date someone who reads your blog”. What's dating ?

Mungeri does date with your blog. Not the Julia Anderson or Pamela Roberts behind it. Or it could be a "Sardar" from back with hair open !!

Why are we human beings so curious. We need to know what's next. What's the project plan !!We need to know who got dumped when and how ?? Regarding 'pretty dumped', my intention was to uplift you folks. That blog of yours sounded like a dumpster full of dumped souls. I passed through some QUALITY miserable time.


shub said...

yup this post had me laughin in places too! you go girl!! Like your spunk :)
gooood luck on the salsa thingy....have a blast :)
hey its tomorrow right? How does one get to watch it? Do I need an invite? Kinda keen on watching it...

Anshuman Ghosh said...

Mr. ex asked me to blog somewhere else with a different ID. His lady of the moment, reads my blog too.

--> let him go to he*l .. and if his lady is so fond of him, she may follow him as well ;)

I pity the celebrities when I think about dresses. Imagine the amount of agony they must be going through whenever they have to attend a party.

--> I once read it in an article, that celebrities actually make sure they are never ever seen in the same dress twice ! no shutter bug shall ever "click" them in the same dress twice :-D

Harjee Kapur said...

there is no such thing as attention 'deficiency' disorder. what you probably meant was Attention Deficit (Hyper-activity) disorder or ADD as it is clinically called :)

and if someone has a problem with you writing what YOU feel like on YOUR space, well, it's THEIR problem.... don't bother.

nice post by the way...couldn't resist a chuckle at a few places myself...

Aqua said...

Hey don't you think that there was an overdoes of "sales" this independence day weekend. I completely went overboard. I now need to join "Shopaholics Anonymous".

Reg yr ex and his gf reading yr blog...isn't it annoying that they do. when ppl you know in real life start reading yr blog...y start becoming concious of what you write!

sherriff said...

reading about ur purchases in a SALE reminded me off jeans and couple of trousers i purchased recently in a clearance sale...even we guys succumb to it...or may be we are getting in touch with our feminine

Dreamcatcher said...

I don't like sales. I always buy more and all the time I am thinking wow iam saving so much money. yippee.

Anonymous said...

u stay in which part of Bangalore? Airtel broadband connection takes only 7 days.Try it again. Otherwise just give me a call. I'll get it done.

Invincible said...

The latest buzz in blogworld seems to be moving your blog out of blogspot onto your own domain (mostly on wordpress). I wud still vote for blogspot though.

I am a shopping freak. I used to go along with my friends for their shopping and end up buying stuff myself (mostly clothes/shoes).

“You shouldn’t date someone who reads your blog” .. nice quote :)

Arunima said...

Hello Anonymous,

First, you leave the comment as Anonymous and then ask me to call you up to get my broadband connection done.

Wah!! Thank you very much.

Arunima said...

@shub: I am very sorry for responding so late. It is over now but if it happens again, I'll let you know. You get invited or you can pay for the passes. I used to get invited before but this time, had to pay for it. My influence is not working anymore:-(

shub said...

its okay babes! I was busy on Saturday anyway...hehe but I did dream that I went there, met you...and you'd won something! :D
How did it go? Had fun?
And....learnt swimming yet?

two_faces_of_eve said...

If you wer epretty dummped I was fabulously dumped and cried on paper instead - youc an read my account if you want!

anumita said...

Loved this post and I thought I had commented before. Apparently I hadn't or my internet must have tricked me. How did the salsa night go?

Anonymous said...

hi anumita
thats a lot happening at the speed of light in one post.. guess i have a great deal of reading up to do before i can comment.. how was the salsa night? the only salsa i know is the one you cook up in a flurry.
No need for a url change, in my opinion.


Arunima said...

@Austere: You missed the name. :-)
I like the name Anumita too. She is a wonderful blogger.

Arunima said...

@pompy: Glad too see you here and I agree with your points(s).

Please continue blogging.

vekspace said...

What!??? You are not going to blog anymore in the privacy of your office or work-place... what a waste of precious resources!!!

Anyways... how did you find the Congress!?

Keep in touch,


Arunima said...

Hi vek: I am still continuing to do it from the privacy of my office.:-)

It was good with some internatinal dancres performing. Was busy ducking as tere were TOI and NDTV crew with cameras and all that.

So, you are back in the circuit?

Sure, we will be in touch. I am planning to get back to Salsa.

Anonymous said...

oops. sorry.

*looking abt for an excuse to borrow*